Dear Mumma & Papa,

I am forever grateful to you for bringing me to this world even though I keep teasing you whenever you scold me for silly things with my pet dialogue, “Toh fir paida kyu kiya mujhe?” (Why did you give birth to me?) You have taught me everything I know and keep me on my toes with your never ending questions, just like I keep you on yours. I am 21 now which means I’m almost an adult, although I know that for you I will always be your little princess.

There is something I want from you, can you give it to me? Please? *insert puppy face*

You have provided for me throughout my life and I know you will do it in the future too without even a hint of hesitation. Whenever I asked you for something, you made it happen. Today, I am not asking you for something materialistic but just a promise. (I can already hear your *phew*) I need you to promise that you will take care of yourselves because I cannot imagine my life without you. You’re the main cogs of my life and if you break, I break too. I see so many people around me who are not as lucky as I am to have both their parents together, safe and healthy. I need you to remain like this.

It already breaks my heart to watch you grow older day by day and it must be the same for you as well. It’s not easy watching me grow more reluctant and stubborn every day. Hehe. On a serious note though, I know you want me to stay little forever just like I want you to stay young forever. I mean not ‘young’ young but in your 40s. 40 is the new young anyway and if you stay 49 it means that I get to stay 20. Too late, I guess. We’re all growing older, I just haven’t developed the wrinkles yet. This is supposed to be a cute letter so I’m not going to make old jokes now.

I love you. Please promise to keep your promise.


2 thoughts on “Dear Mumma & Papa,

  1. You’ve grown up so fast?
    I am so happy to read this today child. I wish I’d thought like you when I was your age. Being a good writer is one thing but being able to write from the heart is another. Here, you did the latter and I’m sure your parents just felt younger and stronger reading this. God bless you with more wisdom and love. Always.

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