You told her

She was just an ordinary girl and you told her she was the best thing that ever happened to you. You told her you’d never hurt her but you touched her where she wasn’t sure if she wanted your touch. Your mind was full of yourself and you filled her mind with it too. She forgot she was her own person first and thought she only belonged to you. She was made to believe that in relationships it’s not okay to talk about the intimacy you have with your partner to your friends. She was gullible, saying no was out of the question, or you’d feel disappointed. You took advantage of this fact and hurt her. Physically. She was repulsed by you. She never said it to your face, she thought you would only get more disappointed. You might ask, why didn’t she just speak to you about it? Maybe because you were an expert manipulator. She knew you would victimise yourself so she started distancing herself from you. When she finally ended it with you, you asked why. She gave no solid answer except she didn’t love you anymore. You pried. She didn’t budge. She was strong in that moment. She asked you to stay away. Thankfully, you did. Months passed, she missed your attention however sick it was, she thought she owed you something. She tried to fix it, however much it disgusted her, she still wanted to make you happy. It was a habit, you see? But thankfully she had angels watching over her and they didn’t let that happen. She’s so grateful to them. She didn’t understand at first, she does now. What you did to her wasn’t love. It was abuse. 

I hope you understand it too.


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