Sometimes, You Just Need A Paw To Hold

I was sitting outside with my phone clutched in one hand and wiping my tears with the other when Snoopy came and just sat beside me. I felt so grateful that day to have that warm fur ball as my brother. 

I was an only child (or adult…maybe?) till I was 18. We adopted Snoopy (my dog) when I finished high school. It was a major change in our lives which called for a lot of adjustments. I had to get used to hiding my shoes so that he wouldn’t tear them up or picking even the smallest litter from the floor because he was a curious puppy and would eat absolutely anything. The biggest change, however, was saying goodbye to private space because everywhere I went he followed. It made me so happy that I finally had a dog. You see, growing up alone isn’t easy, especially for a person who loves company. FINALLY, I had someone at home to play with or just be with.

I believe that adopting Snoopy is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made because not only is he the cutest dog ever but he’s become the backbone of my family. He has the biggest heart and is always ready to cuddle. A lot of people believe that dogs cause health problems and are unhygienic. Some of our relatives stopped visiting us because of Snoopy. I think all families with dogs will agree that there are always some people who have problems with our dogs. Maybe if they just took out the time and opened their mind a little, they would understand why the dog is a member of our family and not just a pet.

Recently, I went through a rather difficult time and was not feeling very good. I was sitting outside on the floor of the balcony and talking on the phone with a friend when I started crying because of all the pent up feelings and I saw Snoopy come and just sit beside me. He put his head on my lap and just lay there while I pet him and didn’t get up until I stopped crying. That is when I actually realized that dogs are so sensitive towards our emotions. He sensed that I was upset and came and comforted me till I was okay. It filled me with such a warm feeling and the fact that he loved me so much brought tears to my eyes again. Sometimes, you just need a paw to hold.


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