An open letter to my stalker.


This is very confusing. Do I say hello or do I just get to the point and say fuck off? You see, I’m a very polite person usually but whenever I even hear your name or see your creepy messages, I feel like why hasn’t the earth just swallowed you whole into the pits of hell yet? I feel like sending you to therapy myself and wonder why your parents haven’t done it yet even after knowing the extent to which you went to make the last few months hell.

Oh. Are you going to now threaten me with suicide again? Or are you going to send me another long message explaining how this universe is going to smite me for hurting you? Are you? Go ahead. Your choices are yours. They don’t affect me or my family in anyway. Whom do they actually affect? Your family and friends, that is, if you have any. It certainly seems like you don’t because any person with a family, especially a sister of his own, should know that harassment and stalking are wrong.

Does this hurt? Good. I think you need a big reality check.

No matter how delusional you are, I never did or do or will in the future like you. Get this in your brain. I don’t care how much you think that we are going to end up together (what even? Pft.), we never will. I don’t care or feel for you at all.

And no. My parents aren’t the ones stopping me from replying to you or holding me back, it’s just my disgust and pity for you. (Yes, ladies and gentleman, my stalker thinks that I don’t reply to him because my parents don’t allow me to. Lol.)


Was this clear enough for you? I’ve read it 5 times to make sure that I get this message across loud and clear. I hope this reaches the sensible part of your brain if there is any, and you stop living in your own dreamland where we end up together and everything is just flowers and sunshine. Also, get well soon because you clearly are not.

Peace out.

I’m done.

For the past few months, one of my ex-batchmates from college has been stalking me and sending me very creepy messages. This harassment has been going on since February, 2017. I reported it in college and his parents were called and told everything. He was made to sign officially that he will stop or if he continues then will accept any consequences. After that, for a while the messages stopped but as soon as college ended I started receiving the same kind of texts again. I was quiet till now, but my saturation level has been reached. I will be going to the police after this if the texts don’t stop. I thought a little reality check for him was really necessary and I thought what is better than letting him know via the most public channel. I’m done hiding under my blanket and keeping mum. This is happening and I’m sure it happens to all of us at some point at maybe a smaller or larger level. Speak out. Don’t let them scare you. More power to all of us who deal with such idiots everyday and still have the strength to get through without breaking.


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