I am?

I don’t know who I am.

I know what I want.

I don’t know where I am.

I know how I want to live.

I don’t know when I’ll know who I am.

Did you get confused by the above lines? Or could you relate to them? If you’re a young adult like me, you’ll probably say, “Yes, me. Me. ME.”

I’m not implying that every young person feels this way but a lot of us do. If you have everything figured out for you and feel that you can answer all these questions about yourself, that’s perfect! Or maybe not? I’m no judge.

It’s always a race for us, from the beginning we are told to figure things out, that if we don’t decide things we will not get anywhere in life. I remember when I was little, I loved singing and dancing. I joined a dance school at the age of 7 and dropped out a few months later because my favourite teacher left. I joined the dance classes in school and enjoyed them a lot so I continued with those. When I started 4th grade I realised that I missed music and was bored of dancing, that I missed singing, so I left the dance classes and joined the music club in school. I did that for 4 years until I decided that I missed dancing and was bored of music so I left the music club and joined the dance club back again. At this point, I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Oh God. Why can’t you just decide?” or “Why can’t you just do one in school and one outside?”

This is exactly how some people reacted when I kept changing my hobby clubs and I got so frustrated that I stuck with the Dance Club for the rest of my school life. I was bored of it by the time I came to 11th, I missed singing but I continued anyway. Some must be thinking what a fickle I am but that’s okay. Fickle is fun, no? I’m a very indecisive person. I cannot stick to something for very long, I need to renew things after a while. It’s just who I am as an individual, I need new challenges to keep me going.

This is something very small but it makes me think that if we judge people based on such small things then it’s no wonder we judge them on everything. But this is not an article about people’s judgement. I’m writing this to address the individuality in all of us. We’re all different in a very specific way. You must be wondering how this example relates to individuality. You see, when you think in your head about why I kept changing and couldn’t decide on one thing, you automatically put me alongside everybody who is proficient in either music or dance and there I stand, not excellent at any but just trying to fit into each like a mismatched cog. Why? Because somewhere, deep in our roots, we believe that each person is supposed to belong somewhere.

A CEO leaving his company after 10 years to join an NGO or start a career as a stand-up comedian is something that baffles so many people. They start saying things like:


“How can you leave so much money?!”

“You won’t be successful if you start afresh!”

“Think about your family.”

“You’ll have to struggle a lot!”

It’s okay when people who have been in the same position for so long decide to quit and join a completely new industry. Everybody is different. If you feel comfortable doing the same job everyday, it’s perfectly fine. If you feel comfortable as a house wife or house husband, it’s your choice and only your opinion matters on that. If you feel that you cannot work in a corporate setup, you have tons of other options so don’t let yourself get trapped in the mindset that people will try to enforce on you that corporates pay more so you should work for them.

I just want to convey that individuality should not be lost just because you are supposed to fit into a certain role by the society. Society is made up of us. We decide what society thinks so let’s start thinking and respecting each other’s choices, except if they harm other people.

“Today you are YOU, that is truer than TRUE. There is no one alive, who is YOUER than YOU.”

-Dr. Seuss



You’re pretty amazing, could you smile for me? No? How about if I tell you that right now there is somebody out there who just adores you and thinks you’re the best thing ever? Especially your dog, if you have one. Aren’t they just the bestest? Hehe

Love your smile.